A Hub for Co-Creation

Together we make a city of innovation.

Helsinki is an internationally recognized city for its innovations. Part of that stems from the diverse and exciting startup culture the city’s inhabitants have developed. One of those developments is the plethora of co-working spaces, startup labs and incubators.

Such spaces are designed and established to support and nurture not just new ideas but a culture that works for a better tomorrow. Initiatives including Maria 0-1 and Slush are fueling Helsinki’s future. They bring in new talent to the city, as well as export our know-how to the world. But they don’t do so on their own.

Local policymakers play a key role in creating an environment enabling this type of innovation, whether it’s in the form of providing physical space for an activity or sometimes turning a blind eye to minor infractions of the city’s ordinances. We Greens believe that small ideas can turn into big ones: a mapping of co-working spaces contributed to the creation of Mushrooming, a website reminiscent of Airbnb that links people looking for work space with those who have it. In only a few years the initiative has expanded from Helsinki across Finland and even as far as Cape Town in South Africa.

The key element here is bringing people together. It’s the synergies that are created when different people come together that fuel innovation. That’s why we need to support both smaller community-led efforts as well as more established actors, and develop Helsinki into city that enables, indeed encourages, the different actors to meet, online and off.


Taru Itälinna & Nora Lindström